Versions of Vivado for 2.4.6?

For ocpi v2.4.6, is there a recommended Vivado version? Any issues with 2.4.6 and later versions of Vivado ?



Vivado 2019.2 is the current recommendation, I would stick with that unless you have a very good reason to upgrade and the requisite knowledge to fix any breaks that might occur.

I think up to Vivado 2020.2 should work but is not recommended at this time.

Vivado 2021.1 and newer will cause issues with the Kernel Driver on Zynq and Ultrascale+, and possibly some of the tcl based code generation. Anecdotally I have built and simulated in 2021.2 on Arch Linux, but would not recommend anyone do the same unless they are messing around in their own time.

It also really depends on what you want to do. OSPs sometimes need specific versions, for example, I would only use the E310 OSP on exactly Vivado 2019.2.

Here are various open issues referring to 2021.1 and newer:

Edit: This issue has since been closed after I suggested it was no longer relevant

Finally, this branch contains some of the work undertaken to get 2021.1 working.

The driver still has issues on Ultrascale+, but the Zynq problems are largely resolved if I recall correctly.

Hi - thanks.

Will be using the E310 actually so 2019.2 it is.

Also saw that mentionned here Not sure if actively maintained, but seems like pretty good info.

The recommendation to use 2019.2 with the E310 should be found in various places: is still current AFAIK (I believe it was produced earlier this year), although it is written by a third party and is not an official source of information from the maintainers.

Saying that, I do occasionally suggest that website to new OpenCPI / E310 users as a well written initial tutorial that’s good to follow to get a very quick setup done (with the caveat that it is “third party”).