V2.4.7 e310 platform install issues

When preparing a new container development environment for OpenCPI v2.4.7, it was found that the following error was flagged when installing the E310 OSP (ocpiadmin --package-id ocpi.osp.e3xx install platform e31x):

This issue was bypassed by adding the —minimal flag, which according to the help message, does the following - “specifies a minimized installation process that does not pre-build HDL workers or run any installation tests; default is “false””. This flag was not required when installing the e310 OSP on OpenCPI v2.4.6.

When using the –minimal flag, it may be necessary to include the “–workers-as-needed” flag when building applications e.g.:

“ocpidev build --hdl-platform xsim --hdl-platform e31x –workers-as-needed

(Thanks @waltersdom for the help with this)

Glad you found a work around, but this looks like a bug to me. I’d suggest writing an issue, on the OpenCPI Gitlab for that OSP (Issues · OpenCPI / OpenCPI System support Projects (OSP) / E3xx · GitLab).

OK, just raised this

(E310 OSP platform install error - v2.4.7 (Error for card 'e31x_mimo_xcvr_scdcd_csts') (#81) · Issues · OpenCPI / OpenCPI System support Projects (OSP) / E3xx · GitLab)