OpenCPI card specs require -card.xml file format

So I had project that was working 2.4.6 I started a clean 2.4.7 project, so it appears you need to label card specs with the -card.xml format now, how can this be changed during a small release?
Can we please keeps updates in sync and not make major changes like this, this is really making this so much more difficult to use than it should be. Surely if you are changing the way you need to label files this needs to be in a major release with clear documentation?

Long story short, 2.4.7 was a unique release, we had code coming from multiple major release branches getting merged into what is now 2.4.7. This was done in order to simplify the OpenCPI release process and make it more testable / maintainable in the future. That being said, it’s possible that a few items fell through the cracks, but this should be a one time growing pain and things should flow more smoothly in future releases.

We are aware that some of the documentation, tutorials, etc. need work. As always we encourage any valid issues like this one to be written up as a ticket on GitLab (Issues · OpenCPI / OpenCPI · GitLab) such that we can track and resolve issues as time permits.

There a similar issue with the command “OpenCPIdev create worker worker_name.hdl” where the latest framework creates “worker_name-hdl.xml” instead of worker_name.xml.

I think there’s some other knock-on impacts to asset components.

To clarify here, are you saying that existing cards without -card fail to build somehow?

Or is this just about new cards generated using ocpidev using -card?

The former would be a significant issue, but looking at the MR that made this change I think existing cards should be fine?