Issue building the FSK_modem app

I am using the fsk_modem_app and the fsk_dig_radio_ctrlr application folder.
The application actually works but when it runs I get a spam off
OCPI( 2:903.0652): WARNING: The “pin_control_p” parameter value “true” in this candidate is suspicious because it is not the default and the instance in the slave assembly or application requested no value
OCPI( 2:903.0655): WARNING: When considering implementation “platform_ad9361_config/p/FMC_HPC0_platform_ad9361_config” from artifact “/home/root/opencpi/artifacts/fsk_modem_zcu102_cfg_1rx_1tx_fmcomms_2_3_hpc0_lvds_cnt_zcu102_1rx_1tx_hpc0_fmcomms_2_3_hpc_scdcd.bitz”…
This happens hundreds of times before runs, any ideas how I can switch off the warning or fix it?


To clarify are you using the following:

And then have you added a container for something like this:

Also, which specific DRC are you using? This warning would suggest that the assembly container has pin_control_p set, but then the DRC doesn’t. The default DRCs look like they all include it, so I don’t have an immediate suggestion.