GEON fork RFDC branch and HTG OSP: platform deploy doesn't copy files over

Hi All,

Minor issue, but thought I’d flag it. The following fails to copy files over, it only copies the opencpi directory over:

I’ve manually copied the files from the following locations:

WORKDIR /opencpi/cdk/zrf8_48dr/sdcard-xilinx21_1_aarch64
RUN cp /tools/Xilinx/ZynqReleases/2021.1/2021.1-zcu216-release/boot.scr .
RUN cp /tools/Xilinx/ZynqReleases/2021.1/2021.1-zcu216-release/BOOT.BIN .
RUN cp /opencpi/projects/core/rcc/platforms/xilinx21_1_aarch64/gen/release-artifacts/Image .
RUN cp /opencpi/projects/core/rcc/platforms/xilinx21_1_aarch64/gen/release-artifacts/rootfs.cpio.gz.u-boot .

Let me know wherther these are the correct files to copy over!

There’s nothing in the console output to suggest it attempted to copy over these files. (when running with -v 9 option).

Normally the copies done by the deploy command are expected to be defined in the RCC Platform .exports file.

The ZynqReleases stuff isn’t mentioned in there, but the release-artifacts directory should have been copied it seems: