Changing the channel in the fsk_modem_app

Sorry for the daft question but how do I change the RX or TX channel I am using the fsk_modem_app? I tried adding index=“1” onto both the rx and tx but it fails to build when I add this onto the rx.

Right now there isn’t an easy way to change to the second channel. The build and DRC defaults to RX2-B/TRX-B (assuming E310) .

We did consider solving this when we were working on updating the FSK with ocpi.comp.sdr components. Appreciate you bringing up as this one more reason to continue to pursue this functionality.

Thanks Aaron, is there an easier way to test the other channels? I am using zcu102 and fmcomms2. I have tested the default channels. Can I change channels if I use any of the other applications? I am happy to test just the tx and rx separately