Advice on interface between RCC-HDL workers

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had experience with creating assemblies where data is sent from an RCC worker to an HDL worker and then back to the software domain again after the HDL worker has finished its processing. In particular, I’m interested in sending a stream of data of 40 64 bit values, waiting a bit, and then receiving a 40 bit answer in reply.

Currently, I am attempting to implement the input interface to the HDL worker with a stream interface. However, when I put this on hardware, only one value is sent to the HDL worker instead of the expected 40. Is it the case that the stream interface is not suitable for this purpose?


streaminterface would be the correct choice for use in hdlworker.

It sounds more likely on first reading that the RCC Worker implementation is at fault.

Have you got a unit test for the RCC Worker that validates that it is sending 40 data words in one message, and not 40 messages each containing one word?

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